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EPFO Digital Signature Certificate


Are you an employer looking forward to submit your employee’s transfer claim for PF online? EPFO digital signature certificate will make this task effortless, advantageous and cost effective in handling your employee’s claim forms for PF transfer. The authorized signatory of employer can sign the digital signature certificates digitally and submit the form in Online Transfer Claim Portal for employer online. EPFO’s inauguration of this new system of EPFO digital signature certificate to make possible submission of transfer claims by Members online with a vision to make the process of transfer crystal clear, well organized and at ease for employees is worth to appreciate. A member owns a choice to submit the claim either through his current employer or of the previous organization. Employer can not only view the claim requests with effortlessness but also confirm or correct member’s particulars, give his consent to the requests and submit the same through this portal online.


There is a variety of Signature Certificates that are digital and are available to cater the particular needs. When signing digitally in Claim portal for employee transfer, EPFO Digital Signature Certificate of categories class 2 and class 3 is needed.

Digital Signature Certificate of class 2 is at hand to download post confirmation done on the basis of a reliable and already checked database.

Digital Signature Certificate of class 3, in contrast, is of a superior level that is issued once identity verification of registrant is conducted by an authority that is registered.

The EPFO digital signature certificate has to get registered in employer unified portal launched by EPFO to start reaping the benefits of the system.