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Application Form

SR. No Application Forms Download
1 Individual
2 Organization
3 Organization Bank
4 Organization Government
5 Document Signer
7 Foreign National Individual
8 Foreign National Organisation

One can Apply for Digital Signature certificate by filling and submitting an application form. It can be done online and there are simple steps involved in submission of DSC Online Application Form, as explained below.

Log on and Select Your Type of Entity

Applicants should log on to the website of a Certifying Authority licensed to issue Digital Certificates in India. They will be taken to the Digital Certification Services’ section. On reaching this section, they should select the type of entity for which they want to obtain the DSC viz. individual or organization. Upon selecting the type, they will get the DSC Registration Form which can be downloaded. There are different types of applications forms applicable for individual, organisation, Foreign National Individual, Foreign National organisation, etc.

Fill the Relevant Details

Applicants should duly provide all the necessary details such as Class of the DSC, Validity, Type: Only Sign or Sign & Encrypt, Applicant Name & Contact Details, Residential Address, GST Number & Identity Details of Proof Documents, Declaration, Document as proof of identity, Document as proof of address, Attestation Officer and Payment Details. They must also provide their latest photograph and signature under the declaration. A print of the completed form must be taken.

Furnish Proof of Identity and Proof of Addresss

Along with the digital signature application form, applicants should also provide supporting documents like proof of identity and proof of address, which must be duly-attested by an attesting officer.

Payment for DSC

Applicants must make payment for digital signature certificate form through demand draft or cheque in the name of the Local Registration Authority which will receive the application for verification. Details about the Local Registration Authority as per the applicant’s city of residence can be obtained from the certified DSC service provider.

Post the Documents Required

Finally, applicants are required to enclose the required documents (the DSC registration form, supporting documents and Demand Draft/Cheque) in an envelope and post them to the designated address of the Local Registration Authority (LRA).

The application process for obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate is complete once the each of the above-mentioned steps is completed.